Passenger transportation

Individual and public passenger transport needs a new form that is environmentally friendly, sustainable, easy and quick to build, user-friendly and fast.

SKYEXPRESS allows installation on supports over the existing traffic routes or over land like a second traffic level.  Inclines and descents up to 20° are possible. An unrestricted fast cabin sequence every second via switches and circular distributors in different directions for simultaneous scheduled and individual traffic guarantees highest flexibility and capacity.


the concept

SKYEXPRESS is a multi-stage transport system that enables regular public transport with large cabins in addition to individual transport with small cabins, or also cargo cabins for a goods-logistic system.

It provides sustainable, environmentally friendly and fast transport in urban as well as in rural, hilly areas. Cabin sizes from 3 to 30 people serve any need for cost efficiency or speed. Cabin depots at short intervals guarantee availability within a few minutes even in rush-hour time. Stops are always routed off the main line in a parallel rail, so that continuous traffic is never affected.



Our mission is the future oriented development of mobility. There are loads of problems all over the world. But first and foremost the climate change motivated us to bring this project to a success. People all over the planet should be able to travel, move fast, eco-friendly and cheap. Now we want to find investors and interested cities which think the same way and are brave enough to realize this concept with us. This is now our challenge, which we are happy to take on.



individual cabins

line cabins

cargo units



Stops are always routed off the main line in a parallel rail, so that continuous traffic is never affected.

The cabins are electrically powered, fast and economical. Each cabin has its own control system, which reach the target completely autonomously. A higher-level, central control system controls and supplies the cabins with real-time information.

With the immediate cabin sequence and the district distributors in the rail network, a unique flexibility is created. The autonomous control system communicates with cabins in the immediate vicinity and coordinates itself, e.g. when entering circular distributors, through redundant sensors.

The system allows individual booking of cabins of any size. The individual passenger will book a cabin of 3, an entire company one or more cabins of 30 at the respective cost. There are no limits to individual use within the transport network and transport se-no-stop passengers from the start to the destination in such a short time, which cannot be reached by any other means of transport.

SKYEXPRESS relieves road traffic and thus significantly reduces exhaust emissions, noise, accidents, stress and time losses due to traffic jams. This is a forward-looking transport system that does not yet exist in the world, which takes passengers to their destinations faster, safer and more cost-effectively than any other means of transport.


Transport networks are constantly evolving. SKYEXPRESS is modular and can be changed and / or expanded at
any time.

intercity traffic

With SKYEXPRESS, entire regions in the surrounding area of the city networks or neighbouring towns can also
be involved. For rural areas, individual solutions must also be built economically.

hilly terrain

SKYEXPRESS can also handle inclines and gradients of up to 20°, which allows both use in hilly terrain and
lowering stops to road level.

goods logistic

SKYEXPRESS allows previously unthinkable logistics solutions for the transport of goods. The supply can come
directly from a logistic center or from a transfer station outside the city and is directed to the receiving station.

stops on different levels

Flexibility is the basic principle of the SKYEXPRESS transport system. Stops can be adapted in a variety of forms
of expected user frequency at different levels.

smart system

The booking of a cabin and/or the purchase of tickets for the use of a scheduled trip can be done in a
conventional way at the vending machine or via smartphone. Additional information is displayed on your